Although expandable rock bolts are very effective in protecting tunnel shafts and underground mine galleries, they are also expensive to install, take up valuable space and are difficult to remove.

If you want to secure your tunnel or mine gallery and use space efficiently, expandable rock bolts are not the best option.

With our boltless rock bolt system, you get the same level of protection while saving precious budget and space. Our system eliminates the need for installing bolts — instead, all you need is a drill machine and a few bolts to make your tunnel or mine gallery secure.


Variable lengths Up To 6M 6M 6M
Original Pipe Diameter 41MM 54MM 54M
Maximum Pipe Diameter 26MM 39MM 39MM
Recomm Drill Diameter 36-38MM 45-51MM 45-51MM
Minimum Breaking Load 120KN 160KN 240KN
Weight 2 Kg/M 2,7 Kg/M 3,9 Kg/M
Raw Material Quality S 355-MC S 355-MC S 355-MC
Yield Strengh 100KN 120KN 220KN
Maximum Elogation 10-20% 10-20% 10-20%
Inflation Pressure 300Bar 240Bar 300Bar
Front Bushing Diameter 28MM 38MM 38MM
Diameter of the Inflation Bushing 30MM 41MM 41MM
Recommended Plate 150x150x4 200x200x5 200x200x6

* Regarding the packaging, the bolt are strapped with single-use straps in bundles of 50 and 100 bolts to make unloading easier.